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1 GRE-General

II Scores and Score Reports

III Scholarship

1. How much scholarship can one get?

One can get up to 100% scholarship. GRE students find it easiest to avail of scholarships as compared to GMAT and SAT Students. Government Banks also offer easy study loans.

2. How does one apply to Universities - online or offline?

One can apply both online and through regular correspondence. Online is preferred.

3. What budget should one have in order to take admission to Universities?

Most college cost anything between $ 10000 and $ 35000 per year. This includes Tuition, Boarding and Lodging. If one gets a scholarship, then the fees gets reduced by that amount.

4. Can one work along with one's studies?

International students can easily get jobs of up to 20 hours a week on campus. This helps them to meet their personal expenses. Many Graduate Students, because of their busy schedules, do not get time to work- however; they often get TA / RA (Teaching/ Research Assistantships). These pay quite well and are best obtained when students reach their Universities.

5. What factors are considered while giving admission?

1. GMAT/ GRE Results
2. High School and College results - transcripts (these have to be Xeroxed and attested by the school and college authorities and sealed and signed across the flap
3. 2-3 recommendations (from teachers if one has just finished one's studies or from one's employer if one has been working for more than 1 year.) (These have to be in original for each college and again sealed and signed across the flap. Sometimes the colleges send their own format else one can get it written like a letter on the College / University letterhead
4. Essays or SOPs - Most Colleges require students to write 2 - 3 essays. These essays are very crucial for the student's candidature. Students are advised to adhere to the specified word limit. If no word limit is mentioned, students would do well to not write more than 500 words per essay.
5. Extra curricular activities- send attested, Xeroxed certificates.
6. Work experience - particularly helpful for GMAT.

6. How many Universities are there in the US?

There are more than 3000 university and Colleges in US. The top 150 are considered to be good.


V Test Preparation

VI GRE General Test

1. Why did ETS go to a split-test administration of the GRE General Test?

2. Can test takers take the Verbal and Quantitative sections first and then take the Analytical Writing section?

3. What about getting a refund?

4. Can test takers take the computer-based and paper-based portions of the test in different years?

5. Will Analytical Writing scores be reported separately from Verbal and Quantitative scores to schools and colleges?

6. How long is the test session for the Analytical Writing section?

7. How long is the test session for the paper-based Verbal and Quantitative sections?

8. What is the maximum amount of time allowed to take the GRE test?

9. How do I prepare for the CAT format on the GRE test?

10.What is the maximum amount of time that I could spend on each question on the GRE test?

11. What study aides have you found that help you understand the format better?

12. What if the CAT format offers questions beyond three basic sections?

13. For who is GRE required?

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