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Thavathiru Santhalinga Adigalar Arts, Science & Tamil College

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Thavathiru Santhalinga Adigalar Arts, Science & Tamil College logo
Our beloved swamiji’s blessings our institution had achieved many things. One can be brought up her with the blessings of God. Our institution was established on 9th December 1951.

In Tamilnadu Tanjore district has many Tamil college. Thennarkadu district has one Tamil college. Since here was no Tamil College in coimbatore district. In 1950, Ellaiyapttam Thavathiru Ramaswamy Adigal, with the permission of the haed of ThiruMutt, Thavathiru Arumuga swamigal made attempt to start the Tamil college.

As per this attempt, with the help of kovaikilar K.M.Ramachandrar chettiar, Sir R.K.Sanmugam Chettiyar, Saivathiru.V.C.Subaiya Gounder, they started an institution named "Tamil kaloori kalagam". This institution was registered on 31-12-1952 and its register number is 19/1952. With the permit of Chennai University, Tamil college was started on 4-6-1956.

At the beginning of this institution, Sir R.K.Sanmugam Chettiar, the first Finance Minister of the Independent India was the head. After him, Saivathiru V.Csubaiya Gounder was the head. For the growth of the college, he donated 97.07 acre of land and Gnambigai Mill’s share worth Rs.6,000. Moreover he gave 6 acres of groves to the college. Other than this, he helped Tamil college whenever the neede arises. In the beginning, Kovaikilar K.M.Ramachandra chettiar, worked as the secretary, correspondant and principal. In the beginning, Ramasamy Adigal worked as vice principal and tought lessons. He receiced help from rich people and from the government to increase the income of the institution.After Subaiya Gounder, Arulselvar, Dr.N.Magalingam was the head of the college committee. Then, in 1988, he gave his charge to Thavathiru Santhalinga Ramasamy Adigalar, who was the head of Thirumutt.

This college which established on 1953-54, conducted Pandit classes from 1974 upto 1975. In 1975-76 B.Lit four year course was started. Then between 1980-81, it was changed into three years course. During 1981-82, Tamil M.A class and in 1983-84 Tamil M.Phil part-time and full-time class, phd part-time classes were started. In the year 1989-90, B.com(English Medium) Classes were started. And during 1990-91 (self-Finance section) B.com (Tamil Medium) classes were commenced.

During the year 1993-94, evening time, BCS corporate, B.SC Computer Science classes were also started. Upto 1981-82, Tamil college which was affliated to Chennai University and when Bharathiyar University was started on 1982-83 this college was affliated to it. In 3-1-1976, head of Indian Republic, Methagu Jaati visited Tamil college and he took major part in the opening ceremony of the Tamil Nadu hostel. Governor K.K.Shah was the chief guest, many scholars and people in high posts came and presided over the function. Since 1953, this college gave importance to develop the Tamil Language, and it gave importance to music and drama. On behalf of Golden Jublie,Perur Adigalar, ordered "Muthamil" to be a part of Degree courses. So,from this year, Tamil college will be a "Muthamil" college. These details are retrieved from www.sivasiva.in
Mission & Vision
Motto : 'Truth', 'Discipline', ‘Knowledge’, 'Simplicity'.
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Thavathiru Santhalinga Adigalar Arts, Science & Tamil College images
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BCS (Coporate Secretaryship)(English medium)
B.Com (TamilMedium)
B.Sc. ComputerScience (English Medium)
M.Com (Engllish Medium)
M.A (Tamil) M.Phil (Tamil) PhD (Tamil)
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