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Tallinn University of Technology

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Tallinn University of Technology logo
Tallinn University of Technology (TUT), founded in 1918 is the oldest and biggest university in Tallinn and the second largest in enrolment in Estonia. The University provides interdisciplinary higher education, innovation and technological development.

With strong emphasis on Research and Development, TUT has an excellent reputation amongst science universities in Europe. TUT offers engineering and economics diplomas, and bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programmes with three languages of instruction: English, Estonian and Russian.

The Tallinn University of Technology campus is located approximately 10 kilometers from the centre of Tallinn. Our public university has 4 buildings and is one of the biggest landowners in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. The University’s annual budget in 2007 amounted to nearly 74 mill. EUR.

Reasons to choose TUT:

* Public university with 90 years of strong academic history
* The biggest and the oldest university in the capital of Estonia
* Internationally accredited degree programmes
* Modern facilities and up-to-date computer labs
* The best research library in Estonia in engineering and business
* Students from 43 countries
* Internationally recognized professors from abroad

Tallinn University of Technology provides opportunities to learn excellent professional and academic skills, as well as knowledge that is based on the contemporary science and research achievements, which take into consideration international trends of industry and social needs of the society. The recent First Employment Destination Survey conducted by TUT’s Career Services confirmed excellent career perspectives of our graduates: TUT alumni stand a better chance of becoming a chief executive than any other profession. The Careers Service at TUT offers career counseling for students and keeps databases for job-seekers and job-vacancies. The TUT degree can also provide a passport into the world of education; graduates of TUT have been admitted to Oxford University, University of London, Mannheim University, Chalmers University of Technology, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Helsinki Technical University, St. Gallen University, University of Southern Denmark and other academic institutions.
Tallinn University of Technology images
Image 1
The curriculum builds up a foundation in all areas of business administration: accounting, banking, business law, economics, finance, marketing, management, statistics etc. The pro...
The program is designed to provide students with a well balanced interdisciplinary academic education focusing on European politics and international relations. The potential for i...
Bachelor of Law gives to the students a possibility to employ modern techniques of legal interpretation and implementation, and understand the interrelations between different lega...
Priorities of our MBA programme focus on entrepreneurship, institutions of the EU, theory of organization and management, business ethics, domestic and international business and m...
The program aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to take advantage of an increasing range of professional opportunities of an international dimension. T...
The program is similar to law programs in Western Europe and the United States. The program emphases the globalisation of law and recent trends in International, European and Compa...
The international Master´s program in Cyber Security aims at providing students with the skills in all aspects of the security of information systems, offering the possibility to ...
International Master’s Program of Software Engineering aims at providing students with advanced software engineering and management skills, as well as specialized skills in two m...
Master’s programme in Technology Governance is a technology-focused special graduate degree that could be placed in such areas as innovation policy, industrial policy and develop...
This master’s programme aims to prepare managers who will be experts not only in a particular field of engineering but will also have the skills required for company management. ...
This programme is suitable for graduates with qualifications in different engineering fields, such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, material t...
Sustainable Development- Materials and Processes of Sustainable Energetics The main aim of the curriculum is to educate engineers able to solve or minimize problems connected fi...
The programme offered by the Institute of Clinical Medicine of TUT is a unique one in EU and after graduation the student is a valued professional both in national level and abroad...
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