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Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)

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Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) logo
Mission & Vision
ITAM's main purpose is to contribute to its students' comprehensive education and to the development of a more prosperous, just, and free society. It also aims to become a community in its fullest sense, an institution of academic freedom and excellence, and a high quality autonomous research center.

Our main goal is to provide our students with the essential educational tools which they can apply them rationally, responsibly, critically, so that they can create, manage, and shape public opinion , institutions, as well as further works; it also intends that the students use their knowledge in the ethical, scientific, technological, and professional fields to the greatest extent, thereby helping our society become aware of its country's problems and solutions.

ITAM attempts to reach these goals through instruction, research, and development, which are in accordance with its mission and nature, namely implementing the institution's principles of excellence. Through these three main functions, ITAM consolidates its institutional achievements, develops and takes advantage of its own benefits.

Basic Principles
ITAM recognizes three basic principles as standards for its activities:

* Autonomy: namely, self-governance on internal regulatory issues, namely academic, legal, administrative, and financial
* Academic freedom: essential to fulfill its university functions
* Communality: by which all its members collaborate in the pursuit of their common objectives and the improvement of the institution
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